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How much does a website cost?

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How much does a website cost? This is usually the first question a prospective client asks any website builder, myself included. It is a reasonable question, to know the price of something before you proceed any further, but it’s not “one-type-fits-all” service and it will normally require some more information before we can quote an accurate price.

The main reason for this is time. The price you are quoted depends on the time it will take for a website builder to complete it. There may be a few minor expenses (plugins, themes, stock photography etc.) here and there but the overriding costs are determined by labour/time. Websites, and clients, all differ. One project may only require 7 or 8 pages, whereas another project could involve literally hundreds of pages. Those projects are obviously going to be priced differently because they will involve vastly different amounts of time. Likewise, an eCommerce project with hundreds (or thousands) of products will be a lot more expensive than a simple brochure site. If a theme or plugin need s to be customized, the time taken for that will also need to be factored in to the price.

For this reason, it’s not possible for a website builder to quote an accurate price without knowing more about the project. For that reason we have introduced a simple project quotation form, which only takes a few minutes to fill in but will allow us to give you a realistic quote within a short period of time (less than 24 hours).

It may help, before you start, to give a rough idea of costs: a brochure site with up to 10 pages would typically cost in the region of €800. An eCommerce site would cost significantly more, depending on scope and size. Costs for an SEO campaign are normally charged at a fixed fee on a monthly basis.

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