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Why is SEO important?

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So you’ve got your new website, it performs well and it looks great. Now how do you get people to visit your site and start generating revenue? This is where you need an SEO expert.

You will need to add your site to search engines (Google, Bing etc.)  and you will need to optimize your site so that it can be found in these search engines when potential customers enter relevant key phrases. SEO is an ongoing process and can take even an experienced SEO expert significant amounts of time to yield results.

Everyone (obviously) wants their site to feature at the top, or at least on the first page, of search results for their chosen keywords. So if you are an accountant with an office in Bandon, you will undoubtedly want to appear top of the list when you enter the words “accountant bandon” in the Google search box. Given that Bandon is not a very big place and it is unlikely there are a high number of accountancy practices in the town, there is unlikely to be a high degree of competition for these keywords. Therefore it should be possible to rank high for these keywords within a short period of time.

If you now want to expand your business and want to attract clients from further afield, you may try to rank for keywords such as “accountant cork”. The competition for these keywords will inevitably be much higher, and therefore it will be difficult, at least in the beginning, to appear top of the search rankings for the given keywords. Factors which can influence rankings include how long the website has been in existence (older, established sites are more “trusted” by search engines than newer ones), the number and quality of backlinks to the site, and the loading time of the site (nobody likes a slow-loading website). But it also involves taking a long-term approach in terms of the keywords you choose to rank for.

So how do I improve my SEO rankings?

One of the most fundamental factors affecting the success of your site in terms of SEO is the content of the site itself; content should be relevant, well-written and updated on a regular basis. If you post interesting and useful content on a regular basis users will visit and return, link to your site and boost your rankings. Obviously, this won’t happen overnight. Good search rankings can take months, if not years, to achieve but the rewards are great; by ranking high in the organic search results you are essentially getting a constant source of free advertising and a steady supply of clients.


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