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What does your logo mean?

When you are starting a business – any type of business – and money is scarce, the idea of commissioning a company logo is probably close to the bottom of your list of priorities.  It may seem like you’re spending money without the possibility of a return on your investment. However, when used correctly, a custom, well-designed logo can attract clients and help your firm stand out in a crowded marketplace.

When you start a new enterprise, you create a brand, which symbolises you and the qualities you bring to your business. Your logo is central to your brand’s identity. For maximum impact, it should be unique, memorable and instantly recognizable. When visualizing any major company, national or international, their logo is normally one of the first things that springs to mind. It represents the cornerstone of any firm’s branding strategy. Without one, you are essentially anonymous, indistinguishable from your competitors.

Colours should be chosen carefully and should reflect the type of business you are in as well as your business ethos.  For example, red implies passion, blue implies integrity, In some cases a logotype is preferable (constructed from the letters in the name of the firm), in other cases a shape or graphic is more suitable. Different shapes convey different messages to the reader: for example, a rounded or circular logo implies trustworthiness.

When you have finalized your design, it is important to use it consistently in all media forms (print and web). You will find, as your brand begins to gain recognition and you establish a niche in your profession, that the money and time spent on development was well spent.

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