Ecommerce Website Development

Ecommerce website development involves creating a website around an online shop with which your product or products can be sold. Ecommerce website development typically takes longer than brochure web solutions, as there is more data to upload and significant work is involved in integrating the shop with payment gateways. Because of this, ecommerce website developers often charge a premium for ecommerce development. At Go Design, we will only charge you for the time spent to put your online store together. So if your store is reasonable in size with standard features, you can expect to pay a very reasonable price.

Ecommerce web development can free you of many of the problems and costs of traditional retail enterprises. There are no staff (except yourself), no rent (except for hosting costs, typically between €100 and €200 per annum). No equipment is needed (apart from your computer) and the initial outlay is small. For a small business, it’s possible to get an online store up and running for as little as €1500. Compared to the average cost of small business website design, this represents good value for money, providing not only a great website design incorporating your firm’s information but also a means of selling your product(s) with very low overheads and very little work involved on your part.

If you have a product (physical or virtual) which you believe you can sell online, contact us for a free initial consultation. We will be able to give you a quote quickly, as well as advising on the most cost-effective way to approach the project. We are not a large corporate agency: we are freelance web designers with low overheads. We specialise in website design and ecommerce website development, and so can offer you a competitive and realistic price for your project with no recurring charges. We are based in Cork but work with clients from all over Ireland.